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Lakeville Dental Associates


Lakeville Dental ReceptionYour answer to quality dental care

Lakeville Dental Associates offers you a comfortable, family friendly environment, with state-of the art equipment to provide you with exceptional dental care. Our caring and knowledgeable staff will help you feel at ease, guide you through your procedure and ensure that your teeth feel and look their best.

Our office is located at 54 Main St.(Rte. 105) in Lakeville, and conveniently close to 495, making it an easy commute from surrounding areas.

Since 2005, we’ve been helping men, women, and children enjoy healthier teeth and brighter smiles!



About Our Dentist

Dr. Pham’s most important endeavor is getting to know you and/or your children, and building a lasting relationship that will benefit your dental health in the years to come. Dr. Chuong Pham received his Masters of Science in Biology in 1999 from Northeastern University and graduated with a D.M.D from Temple University in 2003. His 12 years of schooling and hands-on training gives him the expertise to provide exceptional dental care. Dr. Pham uses the latest technologies in dentistry and works with preferred laboratories to ensure quality care and products for his patients.



Striving for Patient Care

In our pleasant environment, Dr. Pham promotes a fun experience that relaxes even the most anxious of patients. Our Dental Hygienists provide exceptional care and are experienced with patients of all ages. In addition, our Hygiene Assistants provide additional support to our dental team, so you will be in and out of your appointment in the flash of a smile!




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